Hens Night Coming Up….Here Are 5 Cake Ideas For It

Okay ladies the big night is inching closer……yes that’s right your hens night is near ( wait, you didn’t think we were talking about your wedding day ? ) Anyway the team at Bad Bunny Strippers knows how to put on a hens night!…..and we know that every hens night there needs to be cake…….i mean what kinda celebration doesn’t have cake?? Luckily the bunnies have put together a list of 5 cake ideas that will have your bride-to-be blushing ?…..and all your taste buds satisfied.


cake 1

This one is for all the Harry Potter fans Out There, make sure he doesn’t use his wand to cast a spell on you 😛


aligator cake

Alligators bite, and bite hard…..but us bunnies have been to a few hens nights and we know you ladies bite harder ?


palm tree cake

Yes its winter in Perth now but there is no harm in adding a bit of tropical theme for your hens. Make sure you get into them coconuts ??


elephant cake

They say a elephants trunk is what they use to attract a mate…..makes sense?


ballon cake

Every party needs balloons and cake…..so why not combine the two together for one awesome cake…especially like the one above ?


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