Australia’s 3 most popular cam girls
most popular cam girls
there are tons of Australian cam girls on the internet and they’re always a hot commodity. Maybe it’s the accent or maybe it’s the attitude, but people from all over the world seek them out on a daily basis. Here are the top three stripper cam models that Australia has to offer.
You may be surprised at just how much money they make, but they’ve dedicated themselves to the work. That’s always extremely important when entering into the camming industry. The more time spend online, the more money you’re going to make. It’s just that simple and these girls have all figured that out.


Topping the list is Heidi. She pulls in over $500,000 a year with her cam. That’s a lot, but she’s worth it. She keeps herself interesting with dyed hair and tattoos and plenty of enthusiasm for what she does. Her claim to fame is the fact she logs on at the same time every single day. That gives her a very dedicated fan base that always comes on to see her. They know when she’s going to be around and they can count on it. That’s a really important thing when you’re looking for repeat customers at your door.


Next up is going to be Monica. She’s been at it for a while and she knows exactly what her audience wants. She does it all with attitude. All it takes is making sure that people want to be around her by being fun and approachable. No matter what’s going on during the day, once her cam comes on, she’s there to entertain. She can never be dissuaded from it and she spends quite a bit of time in her public chat room getting to know the people. It’s incredibly important to always be presenting yourself in the best possible light.


Finally, there’s Kathleen. People flock to her because she loves to watch just as much as they do. She’s always willing to let you turn on your cam while she does her thing. She actually enjoys seeing the fruits of her labor and that’s what sets her apart. So many cam girls just want to be watched without having to put in any more effort. She goes the extra mile and actually has a virtual encounter with the people in her room. It adds an entire layer to what they’re doing that can’t be replicated by anyone else.

Make Money on Cam

There are so many opportunities out there for Australian women to make their living on their web cams. Just because these are the top three doesn’t mean there’s no room for anyone else. It’s a very big internet out there and there’s always space that needs to be filled. As long as you can provide the fun, the people are going to come to you. The more fans you have the more money you make and the happier you become with your camming. It all feeds in on itself and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

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