Confessions From Perth Bucks Nights
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Confessions From Perth Bucks Nights

We all know a man’s bucks night is one to get together with close mates, have a few drinks and enjoy your last night of been a bachelor……but let’s be real here for a minute, a bucks night is all about getting f@#ked up and doing the most crazy shit with a bunch of your idiot mate (haha) These type of social gatherings normally lead to one thing…….a lot of bloody funny stories.  The amount of crazy and hilarious things the bad bunnies have seen at bucks parties is never ending, so that is why the girls have decide to break their silence and confess on behalf of all men in Perth, their most crazy bucks party stories (kind of like the hangover but without the monkey)


Strip, Fall and Ditch

My mate had his bachelor party at hotel right in the Perth CBD, we were on the third floor all getting a bit tipsy, smoking cigars, playing music and just overall having a laugh. After a few hours of banter and getting the buck completely wasted (it was complete carnage, the other guest on the floor were not happy to say the least) I went outside to grab a ciggie of a mate who went out to have a smoke only just a few minutes ago. When I went out the door, I noticed he was not anywhere to be seen! There could only be one place he could be which was down on the dirt after falling off the balcony drunk! Like I said I couldn’t see him so I started to panic and screamed out to him…….luckily enough he was still alive……well in fact he was completely fine, not a scratch on him, not even a broken bone or two! Must say he was one of the luckily ones from that buck’s night, plenty more casualties that can’t be shared haha.


Bachelor Party Blunder

I was the best man at my mate’s bachelor party and we all decided to go to Sydney from Perth for the weekend. We had 8 guys and planned on having the wildest 2 nights of our lives. Ee got SO much more than we expected. As soon as we arrived and dropped our bags off at the hotel we headed straight to the streets, it didn’t take long for us to realize that we were smack bang in the middle of mardi gra, the biggest LGBT party in Australia. Now all of us boys just looked at each other and said f@#k it if you can’t beat them join em (HAH).  So we spent the next 2 nights partying hard at mardigra. By the end of the 2 days we had ridden on one of the floats in the parade, the bucks got arrested for indecent exposure whiles marching and we all got locked out of the hotel for the final night. Now my girlfriend was a little worried about what would happen on this trip (I think she was worried about the strippers) but she was even more mortified to see me back home with a gay pride t shirt, about 15 beads wrapped around my neck and more glitter then kesah in a music video.


Groom meets bride 

I was out for my buck’s night on a warm Saturday night in Perth and like most people in the city we went out into north bridge to the grooms’ favorite bar, The Brass Monkey. We were all having a fun time drinking and partying when we noticed a equally rowdy crowd of women, it didn’t take long for both parties to realize one another and merge, turns out they were celebrating a hens night (hah). Now as you could imagine things got pretty crazy from here and it was only a matter of time before the bucks and hen where dancing with each other, mostly at the urging of the bridesmaids because they thought it would be “cute”. It was not long before things really started to heat up, now I didn’t see the act but spun around when one of the bridesmaids yelled, “Your bachelor is kissing our bachelorette!” …we bounced immediately.


If you have any funny or embarrassing bucks party stories send them into the Bunnies at

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