Confessions Of Perth Strippers 2

Okay boys we all know how much you loved our first confession (oh and if you haven’t I suggest checking it out ). So we decided to confess again to our father bunny in hope our sins will be forgiven ☺️………haha nahhhh we just more care about entertaining you boys ;)……..this story is a little bit more weird than the last one, if you can believe that haha (beware don’t read if you have a weak stomach…….or are just a bitch ?)


So it was one sunny summers day out on the swan river, two of our lovely bunnies had been booked for a show and waitressing on a boat cruise for about 12 lads and a few of there girlfriends…..the crew were all out just enjoying a summers days. The bunnies meet all the boys at the jetty and they quickly took off onto the boat and into the water.


Things started off pretty normal, the bunnies were serving and entertaining all the guest and making sure everyone was having a good time ( they always do ? )……….soon it was time for the show, so we asked who wanted to go first and to the bunnies surprise one of the girlfriends shot her hand straight up in the air……….well these bunnies aren’t one to turn down a beautiful women, so they sat her down on the chair and most defiantly gave a show to remember ?


After the show had finished up everyone lets just say was very very drunk at this point (except for the captain of the ship…….we think ?) and the two bunnies were just chatting with all the guys on the boat, that’s when another one of the girlfriends (very intoxicated at this point) decided she wanted anther round on the chair (hah like we said they always do ?) and whipped out a large amount of cash to do so. Now these bunnies are straight hustlers and would never turn down a opportunity to make a client happy so they agreed (this is were things go a little south)


So the girlfriend sat down on the chair and one of the bunnies started performing the show…… only a few minutes in one of our bunnies noticed something a little strange…….the girls face had gone pale white and she didn’t look all that well……?…….now us bunnies have been doing this for too long not to notice when someone is about to spew their whole intestines out………..the bunny noticing all the warning signs, quickly hoped away from the girl…….she called out to the girls boyfriend and he came over knelt down toward his girlfriend to see what was wrong, and then……………..a rainbow color mixture of vodka fulled spew came gushing out of the girls mouth like the snapchat rainbow filter ? ?


Now we don’t want to go into too much detail about the full mess (it will haunt your mind? ) but lets just say it wasn’t pretty. After that the mood was pretty much dead….and the captain of the boats mood wasn’t all that pretty either due to the mess……….The poor girl was still so drunk, the whole time she was apologizing to the bunnies thinking she had spewed on one of them……..all of this while her sticky rainbow colored boyfriend carried her off the boat……he wasn’t all to pleased.


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