Confessions Of Perth Strippers

These stories are told from the perspectives of Perth based strippers, these are all real and go through what exactly they experienced on either a night at the strip club, a private function or even nights where they were just there by chance! Remember if you ever need a Perth stripper then contact the team at Bad Bunny! Enjoy the content below boys, we know you will

These bunnies have been in the game for a while now……….Entertaining you boys with amazing shows and tantalizing beauty……holding down your bachelor parties, poker nights, boat parties and events over all these years and in this time we have all seen some hilarious shit ………lets face it when guys get drunk things tend to get funny…….and sometimes a little weird. That’s why bachelor parties have an unwritten code of silence. Well, guess what? These Bunnies are breaking it


So only 2 years ago one of our bubbling bunnies (let’s call her Bunny X…… fact all confessions will be released through the phantom of the strip club Bunny X ) was attending a small 21st birthday party held at the birthday boys house to put on an amazing show for the guests. Bunny X rocked up to the house and knocked on the door and was met by a young man who had organised the show for his mate………quickly she met and greeted all the boys ( about 10 young guys / NO parents  ) and wissed away to a spare room to get ready for the show.


Okay so nothing crazy happens yet but hold on we are getting there….basically it was the run of the mill routine ( ill let your imagination work it out ? ) …. the lucky birthday boy was brought out and placed in a chair with all his mates standing around watching and the show began. So after the main show was done Bunny X pulled out the whip ( surprisingly the birthday boys face lit up )  and began whipping his behind while his pants were down……….and then this is where things got awkward ( well for the birthday boy that is )……..see the whole show was being performed inside the living room and down the corridor watching in absolute horror was a elderly looking lady………….seems the birthday boys 71-year-old grandma had come over to drop off his birthday present


Never has anyone face turn that red, that quick…..and the speed in which he got up and pulled his pants up was quicker then any bad bunny could get unchanged. Basically, this poor boy scurried up with his pants half down trying to explain to grandma what was going on………all his mates pissing themselves laughing, including bunny X.


After the initial shock from the boy and his grandma everything was explained ( luckily she didn’t have a heart attack ) and the show ended up………in fact the grandma offered Bunny X tea ( bless her ? ) she even told Bunny X how she uses to date a male stripper back in the day? ……….Safe to say this was one birthday that boy will never forget…….or his grandma!


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