How To Make Orange Jello Shots For That Hens Night

Hens night…..they are full of laughter, fun and well alcohol, but you cant just sip on any old thing. That’s why the girls and guys at Bad Bunny have created a guide on how to make orange jello shots! These fruity creations will bring color and class to your hens night……oh and you might even get a little tipsy ? ?


Step 1

Gather your supplies, you will need

  • Oranges ( each orange makes 8 slices )
  • Jello mix
  • A Pot
  • A Bowl
  • A Spoon
  • A Knife
  • Vodka

Gather your oranges and cut them in half.

orange 1


Step 2

Scoop out the orange flesh with the spoon to make it into a bowl. Or use a orange squeezer by hand (when using orange squeezers don’t apply to much force as it will grind through the orange peel and create holes in it).

oranges 2


Step 3

Prepare your jello, by following the instructions on the box of the jello product. Depending on the recipe boil the required amount of water in a pot then pour it into a bowl with the jello powder, also add the most important part of the recipe….. vodka ( as much as you like ? )  . Mix with a spoon until the powder has completely dissolved,  then carefully pour the jello liquid into the orange shells.

orange 3


Step 4

When oranges shells have been filled place inside your fridge until the jello liquid is harden (this can take up to an hour)

After the jello is fully harden cut the oranges by halves.

orange 4

oranges 5


Step 5

Repeat the first 4 steps with different flavors and serve on a plate……now its time to enjoy your hens night ?

oranges 6

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