Perth Stripper Paintball
Perth Stripper Paintball

Key Takeaway:

  • Perth paintball strippers are a great idea for a bucks
  • Enjoy strippers and waitresses during or after paintball
  • Always confirm with the venue on their stripper policies

Are you organising a bucks night for your friend? Going to a paintball venue is a great time for a bucks party. Shotting your friends is weirdly super satisfying and paintball is like a real-life version of Call of Duty! This is a great daytime activity to celebrate getting married.

Once paintball is finished the best thing you can do is unwind with some sexy girl strippers and topless waitresses. A bucks night simply won’t be the same without some adult entertainment. This is where Bad Bunny comes in. Providing sexy exotic dancers and waitresses across Perth since 2015. Our girls will entertain and serve you at your event.

A bucks party isn’t the only reason to go paintballing. Birthdays such as 18th, 21st, 30th and 40th can be enjoyed at the paintball venue. Following up with a Bad Bunny stripper for your entertainment.

Can Stripper Go Paintballing?

The short answer is yes! Perth paintball strippers can bring a fun and exciting element to the game. It’s important to note that not every waitress or stripper will be available or willing to do so. Alternatively, you can book a topless waitress to serve drinks straight after the paintballing.

Ensure to speak with the paintball venue to confirm it’s fine to bring the Paintball strippers onto the venue. Most will be okay with it but always best to reach out and be organised.

Paintball Venues In Perth

Bad Bunny has already compiled a list of the best paintball venues in Perth. The venues listed below will allow you to bring in paintball strippers. Ensure to speak with them before doing so tho.

  • Delta Force Paintball
  • Paintball Skirmish
  • Big Game Paintball
  • Wasp Paintball
  • Paintball Action

Bad Bunny Strippers

Do you want strippers or topless waitresses in Perth? If so, contact the team at Bad Bunny. We can provide the right entertainment for your bucks night or private event.

We have the largest network of strippers in Perth and surrounding suburbs like Fremantle & Joondalup.

Regional travel to areas such as Mandurah and Bunbury is available for an extra fee.



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Hannah – Manager at Bad Bunny 

A professional stripper and performer, Hannah has entertained guests in Perth since 2015. She aims to provide insight and information on the adult entertainment world.

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