What Is A Divorce Party – And Should I Want One ??

Okay some of you may be thinking what the hell is a divorce party???……the last 6 months, year, 2 years have been hell for me , why would i want to party or celebrate it ? Well that is exactly that reason you should throw a divorce party, just like a marriage divorce parties celebrate the closing of relationships, just as your marriage marked the opening. People who throw divorce parties understand  all that planning and coordinating they did for there wedding enhanced the day, and they want to make the start of their new, post-marriage life just as special ?

Despite Divorce Parties become more and more apart of culture, some people still think they’re in bad taste, but many embrace them for what they are, a valuable ritual where friends and family can help a divorcing person through a difficult life change. The Bunnies get this and that’s why we are here to tell you the do’s and dont’s for your divorce party to ensure it goes down how it should.


Is it okay to throw your own Divorce Party?

Most defiantly!! In fact it might be exactly what you need. A divorce is a stressful and emotional time (us bunnies get that) and a divorce party is a way to mark the end of a difficult time and the beginning of the rest of your life. But be sure to ask good friends to chip in and help just as you probably did when you got married ?


I’m having a Divorce Party who should I invite?

This is totally dependent on your mental state but you do also have to take into consideration others feelings, especially those who were friends of both you and your ex. Not everyone is comfortable attending these kind of event, especially the oldies so its just best to keep the guest list to close friends and relatives who will get it………will be way more fun without them anyway.


When should i have my Divorce Party ? When is it too soon ?

There are no rules on scheduling. You should have your party when you feel you want and need it. Some people even do it during the divorce proceedings  it can be refreshing, especially if the whole process is tough (which 9 times out of 10 it is). Others will wait until all the dust is settled, but we recommend to just go with your instincts ?.


Is it okay to burn the ex’s belongings or talk trash about them at the party?

?? Burning stuff is a very primitive and satisfying process. It’s a form of simple therapy,  tossing things into the flames and watch them be consumed and obliterated. This can also be very empowering process and is often a metaphor for new beginnings, however please don’t take anything that’s of value to your ex’s and burn it. Stick to things that remind you of your once lover. Burn that dress or suit you wore on your wedding day, any photos together…..basically anything that reminds you of your ex… burn it….burn it all!

No when it comes to talking trash or gossip about your ex you need to be very careful of this. Often beneath the surface of most divorces there is a great deal of pain and hurt, and talking about your once significant other can bring forth a lot of negative emotion……..and we all know this is a major party killer. ?  Best to leave the dirt for another time and just focus on having fun with your friends instead.


Should the ex ever be invited?

Are you crazy!!………..haha okay, only under very very rare circumstances would your ex ever be welcome to your divorce party ( if they would even want to come).  The only time these bunnies would suggest inviting your ex is if your relationship has matured to that of a cordial friendship, one where there is respect for each other and no malicious emotions felt………..but common how often does that happen, that why we suggest keep the ex as far away from this party as possible ?

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