Watching Wallabies Smash England? – Here Are 4 Ways To Do It Right

So its game on between the all mighty Wallabies and England ( BOOOOO ) and these Bunnies are getting a little excited to see some hunky Aussies smash those poms ?. But whenever you watch an event like this you have to do it the right way, that’s why the Bad Bunny girls have complied a list of 5 things you must have to ensure your Saturday night watching the wallabies is a perfect one. Enjoy ?




Okay now I don’t know about you guys but every time this bunny sits down to watch anything there has to be food involved (hey before you even think it, I am not fat ….I am actually super hot ? ?) and what better food to serve up on a winters night while watching the rugby then a good ole BBQ. That’s right fellas its time to clean the dust of your barbi and rip out that meat pack you won at your local rugby clubs raffle, its time to get cooking………oh we nearly forgot what kind of BBQ would it be if there wasn’t beer ? …….make sure there is beer, and lots of it.



big tv

So who ever has the biggest and best flat screen TV has just volunteered to have everyone at their place for the big game   Sorry if that wasn’t your plan but hey you can’t watch our Wallabies dismantle those Brits on a normal TV, it has to be the biggest and best one you can find, how else will you get the full affect of those poms getting smashed into the turf by us Aussies ?


Merchandise…..and lots of it


Its winter so there is simply no excuse for going all out with merchandise……and yes we mean go all out. These bunnies want you to pull out those Wallabies hats, scarfs, jumpers, t shirts, beanies, visors, sweatbands, stubby holders, socks…….whatever you can find that will rep the mighty green and gold, get it, wear it and scream like hell at that giant flat screen TV ?


Bad Bunny Waitress


Okay so you are fully decked out in your Wallabies gear, that steak you just ate might of been a little off but hey its got your blood pumping, and that giant screen TV has got such high quality HD it feels as if you are on the field playing with the wallabies. There is only one thing missing to make this the perfect experience, and that is a Bad Bunny Waitress ? Not only will these sexy bunnies serve you meat and beer, we will also join in with the abusive remakes towards the umpires and English players…….. these bunnies love our Wallabies too you know ?

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