What You Need To Know Before Booking a Perth Stripper
What you need to know before booking a Perth stripper

Key Takeaways:

  • Booking a stripper isn’t hard or scary
  • Ensure you have everything prepared
  • Know your guest numbers
  • Be respectful
  • Carry extra cash in case you want to upgrade or extend hours

Do you want to book a Perth-based stripper for your bucks party or event? It can seem stressful at first but don’t worry it’s easy. There are responsibilities if you are the best man or organising a birthday for a mate. And is important to understand what is required when booking a stripper in Perth, WA.

We have helped hundreds of men book a stripper or topless waitress in Western Australia. Often many men feel embarrassed or timid when it comes to calling and speaking to agencies. However, most agencies are extremely polite and professional to speak with.

Organising entertainment also has a number of advantages. You will be the one who picks the entertainer that catches your eye. If you are a first time read on and learn how to book a Perth stripper.

Prepare for your stripper or waitress

When you are booking a stripper or waitress in Perth it’s important to have her prepared. This consist of delivering the correct location, time and crowd size. Often performers have multiple jobs booked across the night. Meaning they need to optimize their time and don’t like people wasting it.

Before the waitress or stripper arrives ensure you have everything read. This includes having the cash payment read for the girl on arrival. Also, she will require a bathroom for any preparations she may have.

Know your guest numbers

If you are organising the party or event you need to know the guest numbers. Communicating with the girl/s you have booked and informing them about crowd size gives them a strong idea of what to expect. Often clients will undersell crowd size, making it overwhelming for the performer.

Understanding what your fellow partygoers want is important. Do they want a stripper with shows? Or a few topless waitresses serving drinks? Speak with them and determine what you want before you contact Bad Bunny or any other agencies.

Know the rules

If it’s your first time booking a stripper you need to know the rules. These are very important and failure to follow them will lead to the termination of the booking. Even during live shows, if the rules are broken the girl will stop and leave immediately. Sometimes further action is taken via the police or third-party legal services.

Despite the consequences being great, these rules are very simple and all about respect. Speak with your entertainer before the night about her rules. Some you can expect are

  • No photos without permission
  • Always show respect – rude acts will not be tolerated
  • No asking for drugs or sexual favours

Be respectful and you will have nothing less than a great time with your stripper or waitress.

Carry cash

Booking a private stripper comes with a set show or service. Often during the night, it’s common to want to upsell on these. Extending hours shows or lap dances occur frequently during bookings.

Ensuring you have extra cash to pay and extend your stripper or topless waitress is a good idea. The worst scenario is wanting to do so and not having the cash to do it. Driving to find the nearest ATM never ends well.

Always have a backup plan

Almost all professions have emergencies or incidents, and the same can happen to strippers. Although it doesn’t happen often, some girls can cancel last minute for a number of reasons.

If this does happen all you need to do is contact the agency from which you booked the girl. They will be able to provide last-minute options. Please be aware that the selection pool will most likely be reduced but they will always aim to please you.

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